March 3, 2012

Advancing teams from New York and San Francisco NAAC regionals

The second set of regional rounds for the ABA National Appellate Advocacy took place this weekend in both Manhattan and San Francisco, and another eight teams have punched their dance cards for the national finals.

New York Regional:
Duke University School of Law
Florida Coastal School of Law
Texas Wesleyan University School of Law
University of Houston Law Center

San Francisco Regional:
Baylor Law School
Pepperdine University School of Law
UC Berkeley School of Law
University of Oklahoma College of Law

Next weekend will be the last two regionals in Boston and Washington, D.C. Both regionals will have 40 teams competing, whereas the four others had 32. To compensate for the increase in number of teams, both regionals will send five teams (rather than four) to the national finals. Congrats to the teams that triumphed this weekend, and good luck to everyone competing this next week. Come say hi to me in Boston!

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