January 24, 2011

Laughing during oral argument

Great article from today's New York Times.

My favorite quote:

Justice Clarence Thomas beat out Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for the title of least funny justice, but only by a little and aided by the fact that he never asks questions.

January 13, 2011

The best definition of moot court you'll see today

One of the great things about moot court is that it has no concern for large oceans. I mean, the way they do moot court in Asia, Europe, and everywhere else is pretty darn similar to how we do it here. Yeah, you've got to call the judges "Your Excellency" and some other weird things along those lines. But by and large, moot court is pretty universal. That's why the whole world can compete in prestigious international competitions like Jessup and the Vis.

So, despite that this is from India, I nevertheless found it amusing.

In case you're not interested in following the link, here's what it says:

1. Moot Court (noun) : The most over-hyped thing in law school. Also known as cupid or matchmaker for hitching the oralist-oralist, oralist-researcher, researcher-researcher.

Annotation: Moots is like a Karan Johar's movies- it starts with expectations, excitement and happy-happy faces. By the time it finishes first quarter, you feel burdened and want to run-away. When its the interval or half-time, you start getting irritated and ego-clashes, tensions start building up between team mates (read:family) . By the time it ends, you feel like killing yourself for wasting time and money and wow never to do that again. But like a witch it catches you next semester by allurements like a hot moot partner or chance to holiday in paris, hong kong, vienna or a sparkling achievement in CV.