August 10, 2011

Future mooters unite!

From earlier this summer: A great story about minority high school students learning about the law through a moot court competition put on by the John Marshall Law School in Chicago.

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Evelyn K. Calogero said...

It's not only in Chicago that local lawyers are involved with high-school youth. Youth in Government, a program sponsored in many states by a YMCA, is also quite involved in bringing mock trial and moot court to high-school students. And now the ABA has partnered with Youth in Government to take the program national.

In addition, here in Michigan, the Michigan Supreme Court's Learning Center operates a week-long summer camp for high-school students entitled "Exploring Careers in the Law." and

Thanks for publicizing one program, but I thought I'd let you know that, while the prize money may be unique, the concept isn't. Congratulations to the John Marshall Law School for its program.