October 19, 2010

Stetson argues like seasoned pros at Veterans Law

As per The Ranker, Stetson University College of Law emerged victorious at this past weekend's Veterans Law Appellate Advocacy Competition. The second-annual tournament, as far as I can know, is the only one in the country sponsored by an actual court -- the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims co-hosts with the CAVC Bar Association. George Washington University Law School finished second, while Florida A&M and Thomas M. Cooley Law School enjoyed semifinal finishes.

George Washington wrote the Best Petitioner's Brief, and Florida A&M University College of Law won the corresponding Respondent's award. William Hurter from Stetson was the competition's Best Oral Advocate.

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Anonymous said...

It's also worth noting that the finals were judged by an actual panel of the court.