September 7, 2010

Hello? Anyone still there?

Ahh, a new year (at least for those of us who live our lives by the academic calendar) is upon us. Competition registrations are in full swing, students are busy reading problems and writing briefs, and coaches are making travel plans. Oh, and one more thing: The Bench Brief is back.

I know last year was a poor showing on my part. There were a couple of reasons for that, none of which will likely interest you to any large degree so I'll spare you the details. But I'm committed to doing this thing well this year. It's so nice to meet my readers -- which include students, professors, and competition coordinators -- across the country and get positive feedback. That definitely keeps the fire burning. Funny story on that note: At last year's ABA NAAC regional rounds in Brooklyn, one of my students asked me during the team meeting, "What do you think the over/under is on how many people in this room read your blog?" My answer: "Not including you guys? Two." He then started asking around, and within three minutes, at least 15 people acknowledged being a reader. It was very cool, and just knowing that folks are reading is enough motivation for me to write.

Anyway, here's to another great year in the wide world of moot court, mock trial, and other law school advocacy activities. May all your courts be pleased...

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Mark Zoole said...

I eagerly look forward to another year of insightful thoughts here. This blog is required reading for my team members. Zoole, WUStL