April 4, 2009

South Texas defeats Faulkner to claim 14th NAAC championship

South Texas College of Law picked a good competition to notch its first championship of the year. It defeated Faulkner University Thomas Goode Jones School of Law in the final round to win the 2009 ABA National Appellate Advocacy Competition. This is South Texas's 101st national championship, 14th NAAC win (utterly amazing; its last came in 2005). As I posted yesterday, Seton Hall University School of Law and the University of Oklahoma Law Center were semifinalists.

Texas Tech University School of Law (Guns Up!!!) won the National Best Brief Award. Bridget Burke of South Texas won National Best Advocate.

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Mark Zoole, Coach, Wash. U. St. Louis said...

Congratulations to South Texas! Their opponents in the final round, Faulkner, were terrific as well. We had the honor of sitting with Faulkner at the same table during the awards ceremony, and they were great sports. It was an honor for us to have been in such a great competition against such brilliant and well-spoken students.