March 3, 2009

Flurry of activity on Moot Court Advisors Listserv

My post on the statistical vagaries of last year's ABA National Appellate Advocacy Competition seemed to spark a whole lot of posting on the Moot Court Advisors Listserv, which currently sits at 167 subscribers. If you're missing out, e-mail Professor Jim Dimitri at University University School of Law-Indianapolis ( to climb on board. We've had some great discussions and ideas, including Professor Barbara Kritchevsky's (University of of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law) suggestion of starting an AALS section on Advocacy, and Professor Kent Streseman's (Chicago-Kent College of Law) idea of a national organization of student advocacy boards, similar to the National Conference of Law Reviews. If your school is interested in either or both of those efforts, e-mail Professor Evelyn Calogero (Thomas M. Cooley Law School) at

On a related note, Professor Dimitri and Melissa Greipp (Marquette University Law School) are heading up an effort by the Legal Writing Institute to draft model guidelines for moot court judges. The underlying concept, which is also the driving force between the AALS section and national organization suggestions, is to eventually settle on a set of "best practices" for administering moot court competitions with the ultimate goal of reducing the degree of subjectivity. If you have any suggestions on the model guidelines, Professor Dimitri would love to hear them.

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