September 17, 2008

Hi there...

Welcome! My name is Rob Sherwin, and I am the Director of Advocacy Programs at Texas Tech University School of Law. Given the seemingly exponential increase in law school moot court, mock trial, and alternative dispute resolution activities we’ve seen in the past few years, I thought the timing was right for a blog directed at those of us who teach, coach, and serve students in the world of advocacy and skills instruction. Of course, students are welcome too.

I envision that my primary blogging activities will consist of postings and commentary on competition news, results and events, conferences and programs for skills-based law professors, and the various issues that we face as coaches, advisers, and legal educators. But certainly a blog is nothing without readership, so I welcome suggestions as to how to make this a place that can better benefit us all. Let me know if you have ideas or news that need spreading, and don’t be afraid to feed me competition results so I can share your successes.

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MrTallChief said...

Great idea for a blog, Rob! Best of luck with it. May a million sites link to yours!